Case study

Our small team of installers care passionately about the quality of our workmanship and achieve outstanding results for our customers.
The starting point for a truly successful garden is always our customer. Taking a detailed brief and understanding your requirements is essential. Every project is unique to our customer’s taste and aspirations and we are committed to ensuring we understand this clearly before commencing.
Experience has taught us that success depends on three distinct aspects;

  1. A well conceived design plan
  2. Using beautiful, good quality materials
  3. Careful, professional installation

Our customers wanted to create a garden around the property that would enhance the look of the property without requiring a lot of maintenance. They wanted beautiful level lawns and a kitchen garden to grow vegetables, fruit and salad crops for the table. The existing ground was sparsely populated with grass and weeds into thin poor soil over clay and stone.


The design paid careful attention to achieving balance and proportionate use of the space as a whole. We recommended enlarging the driveway as part of the project and colour matching with the roof tiles to present the house to best advantage. The difficult, triangular shape of the garden area has been softened and ameliorated by using bold curves and the sloping ground to the south east has been pushed back away from the house and terraced with natural stone. This rock and scree garden looks quite hard at present but the shrubs and alpine plants will soon cover the mulch leaving only stone surfaced paths through the planting.


We have recycled almost everything using the existing paving slabs to surface the kitchen garden paths and the driveway paviors to create the paths around the footings of the house. The new driveway has been installed using Marshalls Cobbletech combined with a perimeter band of tegula to give definition. Throughout we have replaced unsightly drain covers with inset covers. These are easily opened using a special installed handles.


We believe that first impressions are very important and so special attention has been paid to the paving at the front door to create an impressive welcome space.
Shrubs, climbers, herbaceous plants and trees have been chosen to provide a welcoming display all year round with key items planted to provide screening where it is required. It will be exciting to see the garden in two years time when it has established!
As soon as our raised beds were completed in the kitchen garden they were planted up by our enthusiastic customer and have been very productive as you will see from the photographs.