Garden Design

Step One: The Brief

When you contact us about designing your garden:
We will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit, look at the garden area and discuss your requirements without obligation. We will explain the design process and assess how best to deliver the desired end result for you.
At this stage, if you want to proceed, we will take a detailed brief and thoroughly survey the garden area. You have ample opportunity to discuss your tastes and requirements.

Step Two: The Pencil Sketch Proposal

We decide on an appropriate scale and develop an accurate base plan of the area. We choose a grid scale to suit and produce a grid to overlay on the base plan. The pencil sketch proposal is developed and presented to you for discussion.
At this stage we will go over the proposal with you in detail. Any changes you wish to make can be accommodated before proceeding to the final design stage.

Step Three: The Complete Design

We adjust the pencil sketch in line with the refined brief and start to work on the details that will ensure the design provides for the construction of your entire garden to the high standard of functionality and finish that you expect.
When this is complete we will meet with you to present your completed design with planting guidelines and a design report that assists the interpretation of the design.

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